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335 Sniper Progressive Automatic Creaser + Optional Perforator


Chrome Paper , UV Coated Paper , Laminating Paper Sniper Progressive Creasing + Optional Perforating.

Functions :
Feeding Direction;
Crease 0-32 lines in one pass;
Linear Perforate 0-8 lines in one pass (Optional);
Slit 0-4 lines in one pass (Optional);
Cross perforation 0-32 lines in one pass (Optional);
Linear kiss cut 0-8 lines in one pass (Optional);
Score 0-8 lines in one pass (Optional).


Patented Technology

Progressive TM  Patented Technology

How to realize Progressive TM ?
Users do not have to program different positions in their Auto Creaser or do lots of alignments with a Manual Creaser.
Find the Progressive TM mode in control panel of the machine.
Input Progressive TM type, initial position,Progressive TM depth and total sheets.
Press start and feed.


2 kinds of Most popular Progressive TM types : 
1. Inc/Dec Progressive TM from machine;
2. V Progressive TMmachine.


SNIPER TM Patented Technology
You don't have to input crease data one by one to program a job.Print a mark on the position where you want to crease.Sniper TM Auto Creaser will crease on the mark on the fly.
With Sniper TM patented technology, programming or finishing is completed at the prepress stage. Reduce the chance of errors leading to waste.


SNIPER TM patented technology equals a combination of:
Auto joy creator;
Auto image drift compensation;
Auto image stretch/shrink compensation;
Barcode reader system.

 High precision crease position;
 Easy operation;
 Top suction feeding;
 Side-in options tools;
 Auto compensation of accuracy of according to paper thickness;
 Crease depth and skew adjustment;
 Progressive function;
 For 335B Sniper only;
 Crease position capture by marks;
 Auto job creator;
 Auto image drift compensation;
 Auto image stretch/shrink compensation;


Model No. BW-335 SNIPER Swift Multi
Product Name Automatic Paper Creaser + Optional Perforator
Supplier BOWAY
Web www.bowaychina.com
Infeed size 50*90mm-330*900mm
Paper weight 80-350gsm
Paper type Chrome paper, Laminated Paper, UV Coated Paper,etc.
Crease width 1.0mm standard, 0.4,0.6,1.2,1.4mm Option
Accuracy ±0.2mm
Speed up Upto 40 sheets/min (A4/1 crease)
Crease/Perf in one pass Upto to 32 times
Output capacity 30mm
Control and display Keyboard and LCD screen
Progressive function Standard
Feeding type Manual feed
Optional tools Cross perforation bar (6/8/12/24/52 TPI),
Slit 0-4 lines in one pass,
Linear kiss cut 0-8 lines in one pass ,
Linear perforation blade (8/12/24/48 TPI),
Score 0-8 lines in one pass,
Power 220V/50Hz or 110V/50Hz



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