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TOP3400 Banner Welding Machine



This equipment is designed professionally for , sealing film or foil and homogeneous coating and PE-coated webbing belt lap welding that is make in PVC-P , PE ,



 Product Name  Banner Welding Machine  BW-TOP3400
 Certification  CE & ROHS
 Rated voltage  230V
 Rated frequency  50HZ
 Rated power  3400 W
 Welding temperature  40-700
 Welding thickness  0.2-3mm
 Welding speed  0.8-15 m/min
 Welding width  40-60 mm
 SizeL×W×H  41*42*56cm
 Net weight/ Gross weight  21 Kg


Small size, light weight and easy to carry

Digital display function

Adjustable wind speed

Faster welding speed

Do not have fold during the welding process 

Laser precision positioning system

Having press-wheel, it is easy to move


Connecting the power supply

Connect power to AC220V,turn on power button


1.Make the cloth for seaming flat and tight,. take joiner to accurate (about 2-4cm),Fix both ends by tape or glue on ground.  (the ending image) 

2.Set the temperature and walking speed: Connect the power supply, set the temperature and walking speed according to the thickness of the cloth. Temperature and speed is adjustable. As shown (the ending image) 

3.Turning the heating switch (yellow knob), the machine starts to heat up. Wait for 2 minutes,when actual temperature (PV)approach desire temperature(SV),we can start weld.  (the ending image) 

4.Welding positioning. Lap welding pressure working wheels edge must be aligned with the upper edge of the banner, but also aligned with the guide wheel on the side edge of the banner. As below:  (the ending image) 

5. Lifting the handle, making the working wheel on ground,as the show  (the ending image) 

6.start welding: pulling the heat gun to position handle and making the nozzle close to ground then move the nozzle to left so that it can be place a right position, at that time, the welding will work automatic.  (the ending image) 

7.During welding,let hot air nozzle between two overlap pieces. And be make sure hot air nozzle and Rubber wheel walk in straight line.if not,please adjust by handrail.check photo:  (the ending image) 

8. Finishing welding: when we finish these work, pull the handle shake, turn right to move out nozzle until stops rotating nozzle upwards and it is locks.  (the ending image) 

9. Turn off the switch: when finished, turn off the yellow knob,shut off main power supply when the PV value is less than 50 degree.then we can turn off the power.


For first-time users, you can get a piece of scrap cloth to measure the temperature of the required , test methods are as follows:

Making quickly the cloth next to the nozzle, if there is a burning cloth, it shows the temperature at this time is possible. the effect of welding should be as follows:


1. During operating, if the surface cloth is dissolved and scorched or the cloth are not sticked together, please stop to adjust the temperature or speed.

2. During operating,if the seaming part is not in right position, please stop to adjust fixing position.

3. During operating, make sure clothes are flat so that stick together smoothly.

4. The hot wind of heater cannot touch the press-wheel or the rubber of press-wheel is easy to be burned down.

5. Adjust temperature to zero before turn off the heater.Switch off after 5-10 minutes.


Take care the nozzle.Use brush to clean if there is dust or block in the nozzle or filter.  


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