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TOP2000B banner welding machine



It can weld advertising inkjet fabric inkjet clothlight box cloth ,PVC banner cloth ,plastic clothtarpaulin and 

other PVCPEDHPELDPE EVA PP plastic materials that can be hot melted .


 Product Name  Banner Welding Machine  BW-TOP2000B
 Hot air guns  Switzerland brand : Leiste (best heating system)
 Rated voltage  220/230V
 Rated frequency  50/60HZ
 Rated power  1600 W
 Welding temperature  20-600 ,  Temperature fluctuation:±1
 Welding speed  1-8m/min
 Welding width  20-40 mm
 SizeL×W×H  570*420*380 mm
 Net weight/ Gross weight  19/22 Kg


Small size, light weight and easy to carry 

Digital display function 

Adjustable wind speed 

Faster welding speed 

No fold during welding 

Having universal wheels and handrail,,move machine easily

Laser positioning line  

LED light,more convenient work in night 

Welding parameter Setting :

1. Temperature setting

Set desired temperature depends on thickness of the banner and work environment.

setting principle is more thicker for banner, more higher temperature should set.LED display screen would show the temperature of the nozzle and desired temperature we set.

when the set temperature and actual temperature maintain same(temperature fluctuation within ±5 degree). Machine into the standby state.machine.

2. Wind speed setting

Setting wind speed,in general keep wind speed biggest(at No.3),if for thin banners.we can adjust reduced wind speed.

3.  Walking speed setting

Setting walking speed,Walking speed should be match temperature for welding(in general set 3-6).setting principle is lower speed for thicker banners.


Operation :

First, make the picture smooth and tight, take joiner to accurate (about 2-4cm), fixed edges with tape or glue on the ground ( PIC1 ).

Set temperature and walk speed: set temperature and walk speed(according to thickness of banner), in general temperature we set is 350-500 degree Walking speed is around 3-4.

Start welding:when the actual temperature display around the expected value of the set temperature fluctuate (between about ± 5°), then start weld,at begin of weld,use one hand to take one banner up,then hold heat gun press heat gun positioning handle,turn heat gun to left and let the nozzle into overlap of the banner,then begin to weld.photo as below ( PIC 2 ) .

During welding, let hot air nozzle between two overlap pieces. And be make sure hot air nozzle and Rubber wheel walk in straight line.if not,please adjust by hand.check photo: ( PIC3 ).

Finish welding: turn the walking handrail to the right ,machine stop walk,but before cut off the power,we should put the set temperature button to zero.when the actual temperature below 50 degree.we can cut off the main power.or it would damage heat system.

Tips: For first user,we can use waste banner to test and find proper temperature :

we can do like this:take a small banner close the nozzle,if the banner hot melt quickly,it means,the temperature is OK,it not strong or burnt,we can increase or reduce temperature.we can also write down the temperature for this thickness of banner as sample.in next welding,based on this temperature.we just need to increase or reduce the temperature depends on thickness of banners.check the welding result ( PIC 4 ) .


Notice :

1. During operating, if the surface cloth is dissolved and scorched or the cloth are not sticked together, please stop to adjust the temperature or speed.

2. During operating,if the seaming part is not in right position, please stop to adjust fixing position.

3. During operating, make sure clothes are flat so that stick together smoothly.

4. The hot wind of heater cannot touch the press-wheel or the rubber of press-wheel is easy to be burned down.

5. Please make sure actual temperature below 50 degree,then turn off the machine.

Maintenance : Take care the nozzle.Use brush to clean if there is dust or block in the nozzle or filter.


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