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QF-1700C1 Full-auto 1620mm 64 inch heat-assist cold laminator


With QF1700C1 fully-auto heat-assist cold laminator, you can provide one-stop service and needn't outsource a complete service for your customers no longer.
It is capable of heavy-duty roll-to-roll operation, and comes with a maximum speed up to 7m/min. This automatic cold laminating machine works efficiently at all time, that's due to its fully adjustable pressure and height by air.

It suits to most applications with laminating and mounting width reaching 1620mm(64'').


Model QF1700-C1
Type Heat-assist Cold 
Max. Lamination Width 1620mm/64''
Max. Lamination Thickness Up to 30mm/1.2''
Heating Infrared 
Heating Type Heated top roller 
Max. Temp. 60°C/140°F 
Warm Up Time 5-10 min 
Max. Speed Up to 7m/min 
Roller Silicon 
Roller Diameter 130mm/5''
Power 2200W 
Voltage 110V/220V 
Height Adjustment Air pressure 
Pressure Adjustment Air pressure 
Silent Air Compressor Optional
Foot Pedal Switch Yes 
Safety Laser eye 
Certificate CE, RCM, ROHS 
Static-free Yes


Optimum Performance
1. Our single sided fully-auto heat-assist cold laminator is suited to the heat-assist cold lamination without bubbles.
2. It's designed with adjustable settings, increasing lamination capacity and versatility.
3. Its processing speed is up to 7m/min.
4. This single sided cold laminator has an unique anti-tilt and anti-fold system which guarantees clear output.

Ease of Use
1. Pressure and nip gap of the heat-assist laminator is fully, automatically adjustable.
2. The film tension is easily adjusted.
3. Your prints are easy to load, as a result of the light weight drop-in supply shafts with auto-grip.
4. Such automatic laminating machine allows for roll-to-roll operation.
5. Equipped with a foot pedal switch, it is also capable of piece-to-piece application.

1. The food switch for hands free operation is available.
2. Laser safety eyes and 2 emergency stops allow users to work in complete safety.
3. Certificates such as CE, RCM, and ROHS have been obtained.


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