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CDP-1300 Electric Jigsaw Puzzle Die Cutting Machine



Puzzle Making / Cutting


Model No. CDP-1300
Machine Size  1300X1050X1100MM 
Axis Diameter  1100mm 
Weight  500KG 
Virtual Axis Length 1100mm ( Max. puzzle making width : 800mm )
Max. Puzzle Pieces in Width  30 pieces 
Rev of Axes  19 revs per minute ( This is the max. rev among same type machines in domestic market )
Voltage  380V/220V/110V 
Power  2200W (Three phases electric machine) 

Settings: Assembled positive, negative, pause and lash-up switches in one machine.

♥ Drive Power: Two axes with same gear turning (Double dynamical axes. Once open the

machine, the two axes will rotate), Pressure is 1.1 times of ordinary puzzle machines.

(Ordinary puzzle machine: One axis is dynamical axis, the other is passive, and it needs to

be derived to rotate when pressing puzzles.)

Positive and negative turn switch: If the knife board go in deflection or is blocked in

ordinary operation, for traditional puzzle machines, you need to disconnect the axes to

take the knife board out. While with our machine, you can use negative turn function to

withdraw the knife board. This is time saving during processing, and can’t cause the unequal

pressure in two ends.

Inside: Scientific resistance structures, protected by antirust lacquer, increase insulation,

have grounding, and spring mat in vibrate position.

Appearance: Stainless steel operation board, PVC protecting board.

Power Supply: control switch cubicle

Fitting Bag: Present common use fittings for free. 


Lamination machine(make printing paper on cardboard perfectly). 61cm width

2000 pcs knife die

1000 pcs knife die . Knife die include cushion and protecting plastic board.

500 pc knife die

200 pc knife die

A3 120 pcs knife die

A4 80 pcs knife die


Printing paper




1. Our selling price of knife board includes knife cushion and knife protecting board.

2. High quality knife cushion can not only protect the knives, but also make puzzles without

burrs. If the quality of knife cushion can’t reach demand, it will be stiffened after many times

pressing. This can not only make the knives exposed and dandify the knives, but also make

puzzles with more burrs and tuck the puzzles pieces in knives. (The using life of our knife

cushion is about trial of other factories’ knife cushion.)

3. Our knife protecting board is about 1.6cm thick, with higher toughness. This can not only

protect the knives, but also prolong the using life of knives. Usually our craft brothers apply

0.5cm thick knife protecting board with high rigidity that is easy to shorten the using life of


4. Our knives apply imported Switzerland knives , not domestic ordinary materials,

which prolongs the using life of knife board. 

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