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ZFX-05A Semi Automatic case sealer



Case Sealer

Automatic case sealer and strapping tool Sealing process is as follows :  

Artificial push---Auto-folding--- upper and lower sealing---Stick with complete---Auto-strapping complete


Model No. : BW-ZFX-05A

Top &Bottom driving belts case sealer

Feed speed:0-20m/min

Max package size:L∞×W500×H600mm

Min package size:L150×W180×H110mm(75mm adhesive tape)

Power supply:220/380V 50Hz

Power consumption :240W

Apply tape:W48mm/60mm/75mm(Choose one to use)

Machine size:L1020×W850×H1450(Excluding both before and after the roller frame)

Machine weight:130g


What is your most interested in  ?

   1. Precision high quality components :

         Adopt international advanced finishing equipment processing,selected international famous brand accessories .

   2. High and new technology :

         More than ten years development experience of case sealer, introduce and absorb international counterparts, such as Japan, Germany, Italy advanced technology in sealing machine .

   3. Excellent quality :

         ZFX-05A top &bottom driving belts case sealer is stable and reliable, with international high quality.Through component aging test, to ensure that every detail is more stable .

What do you want most ?

   1. Easy operation :

      According to the carton specifications, manual adjusting the width and height, simple and convenient, fast . 

   2. High efficiency :

         Automatic sealing up and down at the same time, convenience, fast speed, high efficiency .This case sealer can be stand-alone operations,and also can be used with automatic packaging line .

   3. Safety performance :

       Parts precision and durable performance,no vibration, structure design, operating process is stable and reliable operation .

    4. Rational design :

        Top and bottom driving belts,suitable for high light box .Ensure smooth and fast of top and bottom sealing .

    5. Aesthetic results :

       Use the stick tape sealing, sealing effect level, standard, aesthetics. Also can use printing tape, could enhance the image of the product  

  What is your most unexpected ?

    High price :

    ZFX Top bottom driving belts case sealerexcellent qualitycompetitively priced suitable for larger and heavier sealing products,High price.Since developed, has been widely used in food, medicine, beverages, tobacco, chemical, automobile, cable, electronics and other industries at home and abroad . 


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