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HSC-568II Series Hot stamping and Die cutting machine


Hot foil Stamping and Die Cutting
1. Creasing
PE Creasing , Notebook Creasing , Thermo Discolor Leather Creasing ,
Aluminium-plastic Panel Creasing , Hardcover Creasing ,

Creasing and Keep Press , Creasing and Keep Press to Color Change ,etc.

2. Die Cutting

PVC Die Cutting , Linen Die Cutting ,etc.

3. Hot stamping / Bronzing

PVC Hot Stamping , PVC Overlay Hot Stamping , UV Surface Hot-stamping ,

White Board Hot Stamping , Packing Box Hot Stamping ,

Notebook Hot Stamping , Adhesive Sticker Hot Stamping , Gloss Film Hot Stamping ,

Aluminium-plastic Hot Stamping , Brown Paper Hot Stamping , Wax-cloth Hot Stamping ,

Rubber Hot Stamping , etc.

4. Embossing

Embossing and Hot Stamping , Operating Panel Embossing , etc.

5. Branding

Wooden Board Branding , Foam Branding , Flannelette Branding , Wooden Box Branding


Model No. HSC-568II-8T  HSC-568II-15T HSC-568II-30T 
Bronzing area 510mm*390mm 590mm*440mm 780mm*540mm
Worktable area 780mm*490mm 880mm*540mm 980mm*640mm
Stroke of the worktable 160mm 200mm 250mm
Max working eight 100mm 100mm 100mm
Bronzing pressure 1-8T 1-15T 1-30T
Temperature control 1-300 1-300 1-300
Airsupply pressure 0.8-1.2mpa 0.8-1.2mpa 0.8-1.2mpa
Power 4800w 5800w 7800w

Optional items :

* HMI electrical control system

* control system of the automatic moving in and out of the worktable

* footswitch & safety light screens electrical control system

* ordinary electrical control system

* manual control system of the moving in and out of the worktable

* double touching button switch control system

* beehiveboard.boardlock


1. It adopts the German technology---air over hydraulic reinforcement driving system so

that we can make two-stroke and three-stroke free switching. It is energy-saving and high


2. It adopts imported main driving linear guideway, the worktable follow the linear guideway

to ensure the high-precision motion of the machine.

3. It has a versatility of bronzing and die-cutting many materials and different types of


4. It can adjust the holding time and pressure of bronzing to achieve many results. It has a

wonderful result of bronzing embossment and heavy pressure mark.

5. The worktable can move in and out automatically. The automatic speed and automatic

continuous work can both be adjusted. Safety device is equipped so it is safe and reliable.

6. Electrical system is designed according to CE standard, the latest HMI, digital control, easy

to operate and can be upgraded.

7. The foil length and step numbers can be adjusted as you wish, the bronzing foil has a high

utility factor. The foils are sent by two groups so the work efficiency is high. 


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