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Electrical CDP-630 puzzle making machine

                                    Electrical CDP-630 puzzle making machine



Technician Parameter:


1. Each puzzle die sold together with a piece of protecting board and foam cushion to protect the blade.

2. The dies could be used on our MDK series puzzle machine also any other puzzle making equipments.

3. The dies are made of Switzerland blade, are in high quality and could be used more than 10,000 times.

4. The protecting board is 1.5mm thick, made of high degree cohesion resin, high elasticity and toughness.

5. High quality foam cushion prolongs the using life of puzzle dies.

6. Custom designs could be available, any shape any size.


How is the jigsaw manufacturing process?


The typical process involves printing pictures on adhesive photo paper, you can choose whether to plastic it ,then gluing the picture to the cardboard backing - this takes about 1 or 2 minutes . The uncut puzzle is then place on the cutting die and run through the puzzle press - this is a roller type of press. The duty cycle of the press is very low since it typically cuts an 20 *25 puzzle in about 15 seconds . The entire process can be done by someone, after only being shown once.


Machines Size:

Packing Size:  780*750*680mm
Net Weight:  80kgs
G.Weight:  100kgs
Power:  110V/220V  50Hz/60Hz
Material:  cardboard puzzles, wooden puzzles, magnetic puzzles


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