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PBW12A Photobook Workstation


 PBW12A Photobook Workstation





Ø        Creasing: Calculated creasing width and form guarantee the printed photos folding easily and no crack.

Ø        Photobook mounting: The unique damping mountinglift, special glue-proof disposal and Differential Positioning Systems make the photobook mounting easy, fast and perfect.

Ø        Book pressing: Uniform pressure and rolling flexible. Finish the photobook blocks upright flating and non glue failure within a few minutes by using HENGYIN photobook mounting sheets.

Ø        Cutting: All-steel machine, professional cutting, accurate positioning by mm / inch scale rule.

Ø        Case making: Insert&draw settling. Overturn fixed position on center,multi-model of spine guides changed easily, equiped with Self-Positioning setting for corner cutter. That’s not only can easy complete different kinds of hardcover for photobook perfectly,

Ø        but aslo can make personalization hardcover for CD. ( This unit is not included in PBW12 ) 6.Hinge pressing: Set two magnetic pressing plates which can stick to top and buttom steel plate of pressing machine, to accomplish press hinge for hardcovers.

Ø        Casing-in: Using the cover positioning holders which are included to position and assist the assembly of your printed pages into the hard cover.

Ø        Storage cabinet and wastepaper collected basket: Much more considerate functional & advantageous storage cabinet with drawer can putting consumables and tools, wastepaper collecting basket.


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